About me

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer, music composer, and founder at Jarvis, an AI-powered lyrics writing asssitant.

I'm currently working as a web developer at Outsourcify, a Bangkok based web agency where we build web applications with Nuxt.js, Symfony + API Platform, Ant Design and Tailwind CSS.

Formely Front-End Developer at Manatal, a recruiting software company using Vue.js, Vuetify, Chrome Extensions and Django REST, and as a Teaching Assistant at Le Wagon in Paris, Casablanca, Berlin & Shanghai.

I used to work as an audio engineer and I'm deeply interested in blending technology, creativity and arts. With a curious mindset, I love arts, tech, traveling, making jokes and surfing. You'd know me better by also checking out my music.


Jarvis is a songwriting AI companion app built with Ruby on Rails and powered with OpenAI GPT-3, with the purpose of helping people overcome writer's block.

The users can create an account and buy credits to generate lyrical material, based on any given artist, genre, title, year, song part or lyrics prompt.


Jury prize for the Hackathon du Cinema with Le Wagon team, in collaboration with Dimitri Bosch, Julien Da Silva and Germain Loret.

CinePursuit is a quiz application to help cinema owners and distributors to retain their audience.

Gmail Email Templates

Gmail Email Templates is a chrome extension using inboxSDK and React for managing personal email templates (snippets) directly into Gmail, with just a couple of clicks.

Vue News

Vue News is a front-end application using Vue.js, Vuex and Vuetify, allowing a user to see the news from various websites using News API.


Bookmania is a website for a school support company in Casablanca, using Jekyll and Material Design for Bootstrap 4.

It's hosted on GitHub Pages and doesn't require any back-end server, thanks to Formspree and Simple Form.


Treep is the final project I made with my team during Le Wagon. A visual decision system tool for travel agencies.

By helping them create trips quickly and easily, and visualizing different possible itineraries, Treep enhances both flexibility and communication with travelers.

Awesome Suits

Awesome Suits was created for a coding challenge at Le Wagon. A clone of AirBnB that operates a suits renting service between individuals.

Ant Design
Tailwind CSS
API Platform
DevOps / Misc
Git / Github

Summer 2018

FullStack Developer
Web Development

Le Wagon Paris (Batch # 177)

9-week intensive coding bootcamp learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku, and Ruby on Rails. Designed, Implemented and Shipped to production a clone of AirBnB and a Rails prototype of Treep

2010 - 2014

Master’s degree
Formation Supérieure aux Métiers du Son

Conservatory of Paris

The challenge of this original curriculum is to transmit to future professionals, high-level skills both musical and technical.

2008 - 2010

Bachelor’s Degree
Higher School Preparatory Classes: Ciné-Sup

Guist’hau high school, Nantes

Two-year intensive program for national competitive exams of schools of Cinema and Audiovisual: Fémis, Louis Lumière, INSAS, CNSMDP, ENSATT...